Pink Bathtub Designs is the creative endeavor of Noelle Griskey. Printing has been a part of her life for quite a long time. She worked for a major US newspaper and magazine as well as the family printing business. Her crazy gig started back in 2004 after randomly purchasing a simple stamp making kit and a few colorful ink pads. Working from her home studio in Pittsburgh, PA, Noelle has created a line of greeting cards, stationery and gift enclosures. Her fresh, clean style also has a touch of fun and whimsy.

Her work comes from an appreciation of the little things in life. Nature and everyday objects constantly inspire her as she strives to make the ordinary interesting. A love of gardening, cooking, photography and travel influences much of her work as well.

Noelle is completely self-taught, armed only with one quarter of art school. (But her business degree has come in handy.) And yes, she does have a pink bathtub!

All paper goods are individually hand printed by Noelle, using her hand carved blocks made from original designs. The card stock is 100#, bright white and has 80% post-consumer recycled content. Most envelopes have recycled content as well.

*** Her newest passion is illustration and watercolor. The Watercolor Notes & Prints line is created from her original ink and watercolor images inspired by vintage botanical drawings and a love of nature.